How To Create The Right Landing Page

How To Create The Right Landing Page

Landing page is defined as the web page, which the customers or general visitors are exposed to when they visit a certain website and assists in performing a specific task such as making a purchase or being added to a mailing list. It acts as the first impression the web portal, an important aspect of online marketing, creates in the mind of perspective clients.
Due to strong competition for online presence, firms need to develop the habit of capitalizing on the consumers who visit their website. This can be done by investing time and resources to develop an impressive landing page.
In this article, I am going to explain to a few tricks, which I have used as an online marketing consultant to improve the conversation rate of my client’s websites.

Landing page should be helpful, genuinely helpful

The prime purpose of your landing page should be to assist the perspective client in getting as much information as feasible through the online website. As companies spend a lot of money by using ad services, once the clients come across the website, it should create an impression on the client. It has to be simple, designed so as to facilitate navigation and have relevant information without being too loud in its design. However, that being said, it is important to notice that the color combination on your landing page should be a reflection of your business ideology and industry. For example, if the landing page examined is of a website offering services such as rock music sales, concert tickets and other merchandise, it must be chic as it creates a resonance with the clients. But, the landing page for a high order men’s wear website should not be too flashy and loud as it would turn off your clients, who are investing in the product as a symbol of status and class.

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Specific call of action

Main objective of landing page is call of action, which basically means enabling the client to perform a certain action such as form filling, payment, email subscription and future offer reminders. To make sure that the client understands the call of action, it must be clear cut and have one primary aim. A landing page with too many goals tends to obstruct the prime objective of the landing page due to added confusion and congestion. For example, if a landing page aims to have many calls of actions such as payment submission, form filling, and email subscription, it would not to be able to harvest desired results due to these three calls of actions obstructing way for each other.

Simplify Navigation according to logical visual hierarchy

Color composition and relevant details linked to other pages on website and external links be designed as per logical visual hierarchy, which basically means using colors which attract the eyes first for the top and principal call of action and using relatively less visually appealing color or combination of colors for other supportive call of actions (which should be kept to a maximum of 1) and other links.

Thinking from the consumers’ viewpoint

One of the key principles to succeed in creating an impressive landing page is to think from the consumer’s viewpoint. As the landing page is one of the ways of marketing the brand- either products or services, it is important to offer what the consumer is looking for. For example, if the landing page is about email subscription for a technological company website, it is recommended that the firm in return offers some sort of free recently created software for a trial period. As most of the consumers on this website would either be those from the industry or consumers interested in innovative software. Such a policy would in turn attract more and more visitors to the landing page, and thus the website.

One of the policies, which I have often used at my online marketing consultant firm, is that of publishing the testimonials from the consumers, reputed newspapers and magazines. This works similar to how recommendation letters accompanied with CV often make your job application stronger than your competitors.

Avoid creating squeezed pages

It is important to avoid creating landing pages similar to squeezed pages as this would not only reflect badly on the company’s marketing policies but also on the ideology and professionalism of a firm, displayed through its website. It is recommended to avoid giving way too many links and renting the advertisement to other firms, as it creates a negative impression in the mind of consumer and also makes the landing page experience for the visitor extremely messy.

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