Creating a Review Page to Boost your Affiliate Marketing

Creating a Review Page to Boost your Affiliate Marketing

Last week we went through the ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing and discussed a crucial topic of creating a review page to encourage visitors of the page to buy a product.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, I cannot stress enough how crucial this review page can be. Driving traffic to an affiliate product and then presenting them with a pushy sales page or a poorly created splash page can ruin the sale and turn people off.

The idea behind a review page is to educate your audience and endorse a product before simply sending your viewers to a sales page where they will be asked to buy. The key to this review page is to utilize existing relationships you’ve built on trust to increase sales conversions for the affiliate product. Your readers already see you as a thought leader and trust your opinions.

Use this to your advantage!

Leveraging your existing relationships and encouraging them to buy a relevant product or service that can actually help them is another profit center to make money online.

As we go through the structure of a review page, keep in mind that we will largely be using the 3 step process of educating over selling as the basis for creating a review page.

Read on for the formula of a successful review page to make money online.

Start off with a catchy and straightforward headline on the page. Most times, this will be in the form of a promise on how to solve the problem or issue your customer is having. This can be something like “Lose weight by Christmas with 20 minute daily workouts”.

You want to be very specific and make sure you are giving accurate information that is relevant to the audience and to the point.

Next, you want to frame the challenge or problem people are trying to overcome. You do this by relating to your audience by talking about your own problem or experience. This is where you want to empathize with your audience and let them know that you have been where they are and have overcome the problem and they can too.

The next step is educate your audience on the product. Show them product, preferably in a video if possible and show them how it will make their lives easier or better. Highlight the key benefits.

Use this space to show how people can use the product in their lives. Getting them to see themselves benefiting from the product is key here.

Step number 4 in the process is to offer some validation for the product. This can be in the form of a money back guarantee or a testimonial from a previous satisfied customer. This could also be a star rating from actual users of the product or anything else to solidify the credibility or trust of the product.

The more believable the 3rd party validation is, the more likely people are to buy.

Finally and perhaps the most important component of the  review page is the call to action. Now that you have set up the benefits of the product and provided the endorsement for it, you need a very clear action you want people to take. A large button or prominently linked text that looks different from the rest of the page to entice people to click is necessary.

As you create view pages think of them as an educational journey from the blog post to the the sales page.

With the blinders people have about buying things online,  want to create an environment that allows them to relax a bit and gain more trust before purchasing.

Not all review pages are done properly so having a reliable enticing page can make or break a sale.

Your Turn:

Do you use any other elements in your review pages? What have your conversion rates been for affiliate sales from review pages?

One comment

  1. Hi Ivan,
    I usually don’t have a review page separately for the products I promote. I just review them in the simple blog posts. Although I do use videos to let me audience know more and more about the product.
    As for validation, most of the products now come withe a money back guarantee for a limited time. But testimonials are far more effective and validating a product’s usefulness.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena

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