Convert Traffic into Cash with Just 1 Little Change

Convert Traffic into Cash with Just 1 Little Change

Last week we covered how people’s instincts may be causing them to fail at making money online with blogs.

Now, we’re going to go over another possible cause that you’re struggling to mentise your blog.

The inability to convert traffic into buyers.

We’ve all opened the door to a door to door salesman, saw the uniform, hears the pitch and preceded to polutkey decline whatever it is that they were selling. In some cases, you may have even bought what they were selling(ahemm, Girl Scout’s we’re looking at you and your irresistable cookies).

For the most part, door to door selling is not effective. It is even more ineffective to do it online.

Even though its a salesman’s job to try to make you want to buy whatever  they’re selling, but the truth isusually make you irritated , closed off, and unwilingly to even hear their sales pitch enough. This is the same with online sales pages.

The cold-call, blind, hard sell of a product is in most cases a lot of time and effort for a very low payoff. When trying to make money online, you want to use your blog to do the work for you. You put the time and expertise into writing the blog and you don’t need to be spending even more time selling at people.

Driving traffic to your website or blog is what we’re all striving to do. We’re all guilty of incessantly checking the view numbers each time we publish a new blog to see what kind of new viewership we’re getting.

And then we wait. We wait for them to click the embedded links, to navigate around our blogs, sometimes even get them onto a landing sales page for a product and then hopefully we wait for them to make a purchase.

If you’re like a large majority of online bloggers out there, this is where you fall short.

No purchase is made and you have no more money in your pocket.

Converting the traffic you get into motivated purchasers willing to spend money on your product to solve a problem they are having.

So how do you convert website traffic into buyers?


Back to elementary days here, folks.

To really promote a product online and make people want to buy it, you have to educate them first.

In the online arena you need to add an extra step to convert people into buyers. You need to take the time to build the relationship with the buyer, and let the buyer they have a problem and then how they can fix it. The fix should be related to your product but not entirely your product.

Take for example a revolutionary weight-loss product. We’ve all heard a million pitches for the newest weight-loss drug that promises results.

Let’s take it a step further. Get specific on who your weight-loss product is for. You don’t want to fall into the cold calling area here and cast too wide of a net or you’ll be exerting way too much effort for your return.

Let’s focus on new mothers. Many women want to drop a few pounds after having a baby (which is a large majority of postpartum women) so as long as you’ve positioned your marketing correct, they will be intrigued enough to make it to your site.

There’s your increased traffic numbers.

From here, you need to tell them something the other weight-loss products do not.

This is either how they came to the place of having extra weight, specifically the body chemistry behind carrying and nurturing a baby, or what they can do to change their lives to lose the pounds whilst recovering from a pregnancy and caring for an infant.

This should not be “diet and exercise and take my miracle pill”.

Make sure you’re working with a targeted enough group that you aren’t just making blanket statements here. I chose the postpartum women because their weight gain has a specific cause and remedy that other people who are struggling to lose weight do not have.

Keep this very scientific and objective with facts to back-up your statements.

Without being negative, your education needs to be very matter of fact with a clear problem and an even clearer solution. Be careful to not push product here. It will turn off your audience and cause them to lose trust in you.

A didactic tone rather than a sales tone is what is needed to build the trust and demonstrate a real level of knowledge.

Once you have taken the time to go through the educational piece, your readers will be armed with knowledge. Once they feel more knowledgeable about their situation because of what you equipped them with, they will trust you and they will be empowered.

Education leads to Empowerment which leads to sales.

You can then gracefully offer the product that is the solution to their issue and watch the traffic numbers AND dollars increase.

Your Turn: 

What has been your success rate for converting website visits into buyers in the past? Has an educational tone worked to increase this conversion rate?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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