Blogging Tips - How To Create Interesting Content For Blogging
How To Create Interesting Content For Blogging

How To Create Interesting Content For Blogging

What Should I Blog About ?

Many people chose to create blogs nowadays because of the money that can be made off them. However, running a blog can become troublesome quickly if you feel as though you have nowhere to start. Fortunately, here are tips about what you can blog about and how to create interesting content ideas to help make money online:

Tips for Blogging:

1. Decide exactly what you want to blog about and why.

Before you start blogging, you need to have a game plan and set the appropriate goals. It is important to know what your goals are and to do the appropriate niche research beforehand to best put yourself in a position to succeed. You should also remember that popular niches often have too much competition, so your chances of succeeding are lower. However, with the proper niche research, you may be able to find overlooked niches with low competition and high ROI (return of investment).

2. Blog about something you know.

In many cases, I firmly believe that it is best to start a blog about something you are quite familiar with. Not only will you typically spend less time with research, but the blog posts will often be quicker and easier to write. It is also handy to be passionate about the topic so that your readers will easily get drawn into the discussions. However, don’t be afraid to research new topics to keep your blog fresh even when you feel that you are quite familiar with the niche.

3. Provide solutions to specific problems.

One of the best ways to make money through blogs is to provide solutions for specific problems. By putting solutions directly in front of your target audience with a clear call to action, your blog (and wallet) will benefit.

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4.Engage your audience through comments.

It is important that you encourage your audience to leave comments. Not only will their comments generate more content for your blog, but you may also find new topic ideas. It is especially handy to look for people asking more questions or research the solutions or information that others provide. You can also provide polls to learn more about what your audience is looking for.

Tips for Generating Blog Content:

1. Always write for your audience first and SEO later.

Whenever you write blog posts or create other forms of content, it is essential that you write for your audience first. Once the content has been created to be valuable for your audience, then you can go back and sprinkle whatever else you need throughout it.

2. Use engaging titles.

One of the best ways of initially attracting attention to your blog posts is to have interesting titles. I personally find it beneficial to keep the titles under 44 characters and include the necessary keyword(s). Audience members also tend to like titles that indicate top 10 lists, how to lists, or have unusual spins.

3. Look around for fresh ideas when you feel like you’re at a loss.

Because creating consistent quality content can be difficult at times, it is important that you know what to do or where to look when you are at a loss. To help you out, here are some tips that I find useful:

• Take a walk to clear your mind
• Talk to your friends, family, coworkers, etc., to see what they have to say about certain topics (but do not quote them unless you have permission to)
• Look for current trends and put your own spin on it
• Look through Yahoo! Answers and see what sort of questions people are asking about certain topics
• Consider writing guest blog posts from your pet or an inanimate object for fun
• Take national or worldwide trends and localize them
• Speak with other people in the industry to see how they overcome writer’s block
• Have a guest blogger write a post, which is great for visibility and also for potentially making money by selling blog post space
• Search forums to see what people are excited about
• Look into taking an online blogging course, such as Blogging With John Chow, to jumpstart ideas and learn about better marketing methods
• Take a look through relevant press releases and statistics
• Look at myths concerning a particular topic and confirm or bust them

4. Create new content out of something old.

If you are completely at a loss for what to add to your blog, just simply read through it. By reading through your blog, you may come across old posts that can easily be turned into something new, like podcasts or videos. By presenting the content in a new format with updated and relevant information, you can appeal to both your regulars and potentials.

Knowing what to blog about and how to keep your audience interested is a skill that will come with practice. However, by arming yourself with various tools for success, such as online blogging courses, forums, press releases, or family and friends, you can easily make money blogging.

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