Case Study: How To Gain Traffic Towards Your Blog Site

Case Study: How To Gain Traffic Towards Your Blog Site

We’ve got a brand new case study to share with bloggers in our audience this week. This week’s case study deals with TRAFFIC.

Why we are featuring a case study?

From time to time, my connections on LinkedIn will reach out to ask for help on a specific topic. I wanted to share the same advice with you that brought success to fellow bloggers within our LinkedIn network.

Who we are featuring this week?

Tracey Nguyen

This week we are featuring Tracey Nguyen and her blog, Tracey’s blog is a perfect example of how a blog is used to represent a personal passion. In this case, Tracey’s passion is in beauty and fashion. Tracey is a former street style blogger turned fashion and beauty blogger. Her blog explores the world of fashion for young women.

What Tracey needed more help in?

Tracey came to me asking my advice on how to gain more traffic to her online store through her blog at She was selling cosmetic products through her online store, and wanted to increase her blog traffic and re-direct them over to her product pages.

What was our recommendation and why?

Since her blog was catered towards teens and young female adults, we suggested for her to try and use Facebook ads, if the budget allowed. We suggested setting up a Facebook ad that targeted other fashion pages on Facebook relevant to her blog. He asked her to entice the audience with a free offer so that they will click through to her blog.

Tracey tried a Facebook ad for a free product for a short period of time, but the results didn’t seem to favor her. Currently we are reviewing her Facebook ad campaign to see how we can help her improve it by looking at her target interest pages she targeted, her demographics she chose, the budget she used, the offer she was giving away and her ad copy. All of these have an big impact on how well the ad will perform.

We also suggested Tracey try Guest Posting, where she will go and contact expert fashion blogs in her niche and see if she can submit a guest post. Guest posting will help her gain access to a similar audience base along with gaining that valuable, relevant backlink that search engines love. Most sites will allow you to do guest posting as long you can produce good material worthy of their audience to read. Once she gets a good amount of guest post posted she should see a very consistent traffic flow to her blog.

Now we also asked her to start and build an email list of her audience clientele. We asked her to create a free report to give away to her audience in exchange for their email. This way she can provide instant information on new material, products, and offers. The key point here is to not only get more traffic, but to keep the traffic once they visit your site.

People buy from a person not because of what they are selling, but what they are teaching, and using a blog and emails are a great way to deliver information and products that can to enhance their livelihood.  Did you know not having a name and voice that people can recognize and trust is One of the Five Mistakes That’s Causing Your Blog To Lose Money.

These were the suggestions given to Tracey to help her increase her traffic to her blog. Do you see yourself in Tracey’s case study? If you are worried that you may be making some of the same mistakes with your blog, check out our FREE REPORT:  5 Mistakes That’s Causing Your Blog To Lose Money.

Would you like to be featured on a case study? Send me a private message via LinkedIn or leave me a comment below with your issue or question, and I’ll happy to provide you with answers AND make you and your website part of a featured case study!

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  1. Blog is one best way to attract traffic. Personally, I believe in it. But you need to have an effective blog and you need to update it every time. Yes, you have to be effective first with your blog post before you can consider yourself successful in gaining traffic using it. Thanks for elaborating more about it and for letting us become more aware of it.

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