Building A Blogging Business ? You’ll Need This …

Building A Blogging Business ? You’ll Need This …

In the last post, we talked about some of the best tools that you can aid your quest to make a profitable blogging business.

Each one of them helped with a different facet of the process, from content creation to analytics to social media marketing and more. However, tools are just part of the equation.

Just having the tools isn’t enough. You have to know how, when, and why to use them as well. There is a serious learning curve with making an internet business. Some people find it enjoyable. Others give up part way.

Why is this?

The people who stick it out are curious. Curiosity is the most underrated trait in internet blogging. Without curiosity about everything in your business, your road to success will be a lot more burdensome.

Have you ever wondered how the professionals take a blog from nothing and create something that brings in money for them every single day?

They were relentlessly curious enough to try lots of different things on their sites. They also were curious about people who have made successful internet businesses. What did they do to get so successful?

I have a free video secrets series that just launched. In it, I share some of my best secrets for making successful blog-based businesses. Does the thought of watching a video series make you curious or make you bored? If it’s the latter, are you sure you’re in the right business?

Curiosity and Content

Curiosity is the beginning of research, research is the beginning of resources, and resources are the beginning of a solid, authoritative website. Google values authoritative websites that are filled with dynamite research and astounding content. Your potential customers also value it.

To some, research is a dirty word. It can conjure images of reading books for hours and toiling endlessly for professors who didn’t care. These formal papers were written with so little entertainment value that even the titles put you to sleep.

It’s no wonder that when money-making bloggers say ‘research is a good thing’ that new bloggers will roll their eyes and say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah.’

The only way that people are going to come to your blog again and again is by delivering content that sparks their curiosity. You must have a curiosity about your niche beyond its profitability so that you can draw people in regularly.

Curiosity will drive the engine of research so you can bring the best content.

Curiosity and Customers

There are two major parts to running an Internet blogging business: content and marketing. The simplest definition of content for this discussion is, ‘the stuff that you have on the site.’ The marketing side is, ‘the stuff that you do to get people to read your content.’

While you are most likely an expert at what you’re putting on your site, you might not start out being an expert on how to get people to read what you’re offering.

In my arena, there are countless sources of research to answer these questions:

• What am I selling?
• Who am I selling to?
• How am I selling to these people?
• What are the best blogging practices?
• Can you REALLY make money from blogging?
• HOW do I make money from blogging?

It requires research to fully answer the question, ‘who am I selling to?’ There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to your chosen ‘people,’ as your content will be razor focused on helping these people and satisfying their content needs.

When you put yourself into their shoes, your blogging business grows because you can offer products and services that fit their needs.

Your Turn

How do you remain curious about your niche? What fascinates you about blog businesses? Tell us more in the comments below.

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