How To Make Money Blogging – Blogging To The Power Of Three

How To Make Money Blogging – Blogging To The Power Of Three

Last time, I talked about my new video series about how to make money online with your blog.

There were three major secrets in that video series. Today I want to talk more about the third one, marketing automation.

I found that as the traffic to my site increased, the amount of work that I needed to do for the site increased. There were emails to send out, new products to look at, people asking me for one on one consultation.

Business was booming.


No matter what I tried to make myself more productive, I realized that I was hitting a limit to how much I could handle on my own. I was getting very good at my profession, but I still hadn’t learned the art of creating more time (if you have that, I’ll happily send you some money).

As I became more popular, my time was dwindling and I didn’t have enough to spend with my family and loved ones.

I had to go back and re-evaluate my formula. I was bringing in money with the first two secrets, but surely this had to be easier than a 60+ hour per week job.

I went back and studied what other professionals were doing from my new standpoint, and I learned something important.

They were relying on software tools to automate much of their blogs. They only had to put the ball in motion and then let the tools handle the subscriptions and the sales funnel.

With those tools, they could have an email list that was 1 person or 20,000 people and they wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep worrying that their marketing messages wouldn’t go out.

The whole concept of ‘work smarter, not harder’ was suddenly laid out before me.

When I took the first two secrets and put it with the last one, I realized that I had created a money making machine.

Since these realizations were made, I have made thousands of dollars.

Part of that profit was reinvested into teaching the principles that I have learned. When you take the information contained in my free video series and use it to its fullest advantage, you have all of the keys in place to make money.

The process may not be easy, but once you align yourself with the three insider tips I talk about in my video series, you’ll find that more money will come.

If you do the work, you’ll be one step closer to treating your blog like a business, and one step closer to achieving all of those resolutions that you set out at the beginning of the year.

The best part is that it’s not complicated at all. Each of the videos and the concepts will take less than 10 minutes of your time.

Blogging is like a legal drug. Once I started making money with my blog, I wanted to make more and more of it. I saw that there were few limits to the amount of money I could make.

I was able to study and learn from some of the best in the business like James Martell, the master in affiliate marketing. I have learned other keys through time to make the process even more efficient and profitable, but I know that without these three the others are useless.

Take the time to watch my free video series. It won’t take that long, and it may just provide you with the revelation that you need.

Your Turn

After watching the series, what are you going to do right now to put the keys into practice? Do you have any questions about the principles? Tell me in the comments.

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