Audience = the Corners of the Online Marketing Puzzle

Audience = the Corners of the Online Marketing Puzzle

For anyone that’s actually sat down to do a puzzle (yes, a REAL life cardboard cutout puzzle), you know what the title of this article means. The corners are literally the cornerstone(get it?) of the puzzle and crucial to building the whole thing to completion.

Just with online marketing you need a foundation, a basis to start with and something to ensure you’re going in the right direction.

In online marketing, this is your audience.

Who you’re targeting.

Who you want to sell to.

Who will buy your product/service.

With the vast reach the internet can give you access to, it’s easy to say that everyone is your audience.  It’s even easier to justify to yourself that everyone can benefit from your good or service and they should be buying it right now and preferably in bulk. While in some cases (not very many) this I true, for the most part, it is not.

Narrowing down your audience and targeting a group of individuals that your product or service best fits, is one of the most strategic and money making strategies you can do.

Conversely, diving in head first without a targeted audience can be one of the reasons People Don’t Love your Blog.

Without the correct audience you may be a just like a floundering standup comedian talking to an old stogy group of soon-to-be nursing home attendees and not getting the feedback you want because you simply aren’t talking to the right people.

Don’t worry, that’s easy to change once you get on the right track.

target audience


So how do you identify your buying audience?

To start, it’s important to breakdown the different categories of “potential” buyers”

5% – We’ll put them into the desperate category. They are online wanting to buy immediately to fix a problem they have. They are not difficult to target as long as you can meet their needs. And get your product/service in front of them!

75% – These are the window shoppers of the intent. They are interested in making a purchase but they need to be sold on the benefits of your offering quickly and concisely.

20% – This group does not trust online ads/services or products and are not interested in buying online and are basically too tough of a nut to crack to be worth your time.

If you throw out the last 20% that still gives you a solid 80% of the pie to target.

But that’s STILL too much. We need to break it down further than that.

How do you identify the needs of the potential buyers?

 By identifying the needs of the potential buyers, you can more quickly and accurately find how your product or service can fit those needs and then give them the information tailored to them to make them want to buy. Whatever characteristics you identify as belonging to your main buying audience are what you need to use in your marketing strategies.

Areas of separation are almost limitless but can include gender, age, buying characteristics, profession, location, personality traits, pets, and the list goes on.

This exercise is designed to find out who best fits the product. How does your product or service fix their EXACT need. Finding a niche and serving it to a T is a step #1 in increasing profits and growing a successful company.

Next week we’ll be diving deeper into the subject to explain how to find and target your niche audience.

Your Turn.

Did you start with the crucial step of audience identification? What methods did you use to break down your potential buyers into manageable sections that you could target?

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