Aha! The Secrets To Making Money Blogging

Aha! The Secrets To Making Money Blogging

Every inventor, mad scientist, and magician can recognize that magic moment. Every successful entrepreneur has one, too. I’m talking about that grand ‘aha!’ moment that happens after hours (weeks, or months) of toiling with no result.

It is the switch that tells you that your work just might pay off.

It’s a glorious feeling. There’s a huge difference between hearing that it’s possible and doing it yourself. Nothing can compare to the feeling of doing it yourself, because up until that point it’s only theory.

My first blogging aha moment happened when I made my first affiliate sale. It happened in the very beginning of my blogging career. I had set up a blog with every money maker in the book on it – including affiliate advertising, AdSense, and banners.

There were so many keywords in it that it read like a grocery list, back in the days keyword stuffing was a big strategy, not anymore of course. I waited for people to come. I waited for that money to roll in. I checked my balance every day, hoping for a result.

In the second month, I made 37 cents through AdSense. That may have proven that my AdSense campaign was getting some attention, but I was looking for that first affiliate sale. That’s where the big money was.

Happily, it only took a few more days to get that first delicious email saying that my product had sold.

After the celebration, I had another aha moment. I spent just as much effort on my AdSense work as I did for my affiliate marketing, but got more money for the affiliate. I realized that I could make more money with just as much effort through affiliate programs (this was before I had my own to sell).

Once I knew that it could work, I became a research fiend. I did a lot more research. I asked the question “Why does nobody like my blog?” which I wrote an article about here, I knew that my product was saleable. Now it was just a matter of getting the marketing right. I was determined to make the next affiliate sale not take so long.

I read LOTS of articles, wrote LOTS of articles, and kept learning from one aha moment to the next. The money began to increase. With each blog post I learned; I was one step closer to the keys that would unlock all of the blogging secrets that the pros just knew.

I became addicted to getting aha moments!

I studied big blogs, medium blogs, and tiny but promising blogs. I talked with teachers, peers, and students. And, it came to me. Only one out of ten blogs were compelling enough to hold my attention for longer than a brief glance. When I found a compelling blog, I compared it with the others. Finally it all came together in my head: there was a system that, when consistently followed, produced successful results.

Here I am today, and now I want to share this funnel system with you.

The system that I reveal in my free 3 part video secrets series is what I use for all my online business ventures to make money.

Reading Between The Lines

Ever since making that first realization, I wondered if others had made it already. I began to investigate, all the while testing the theory.

Was it really a secret? I had seen hints, but I discovered that nobody had put all the keys in one place. I stopped looking at the subjects of these popular blogs and started looking at the structures of money making blogs.

I kept testing and my profits kept growing. I knew that I was onto something.

I saw that 90% of the bloggers I ran across didn’t follow a major key that guarantees interest. That was a major win right there. But then I recognized that most of the 10% remaining had another secret as well.

That aha moment hit me like an anvil when I realized it.

When I started to implement the changes that learning the second secret needed, I saw an immediate jump in my profits. How could I have been so blind as to have missed this?

I comforted myself in the knowledge that most people missed this.

Want to know what those secrets are? I can guarantee you that if you are not following these secrets then your blog will not generate revenue.

They are that crucial, and I’m giving them away for free because I’m tired of seeing bloggers all over the web failing to make a profit.

Watch my FREE blogging series and gain access to the keys to blog business success.

Discover the blogging changes that you need in 2014 to unlock your cash, and make you a part of something special. Won’t you start this year of the blogger off right?

In the next post, we’ll go more into the third key I learned, which ties everything together.

Your Turn

What was your most influential aha moment? What changed the business game for you? Did you watch the video series? Tell me more in the comments.

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