The ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing in 2014

The ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing in 2014

OK, ok, so this is actually the A through F list of being successful in affiliate marketing in this new era of online marketing but it is still a relatively short and easy list to follow so everyone can be successful at making money online.

Affiliate marketing is all about building mutually beneficial relationships to sell products or services online. It is a simple three step process that works in the favor of all parties involved.

  1. You promote a relevant product or service from a partner on your blog or website.
  1. The seller makes a sale and reaches an audience they may have not reached before.
  1. You earn a commission using your existing follower base.

Although affiliate marketing has been around for decades, the strategies behind it have changed a bit to keep up with the super highway of information, product and services being offered online every day.

Below is a list of the six essential items to do when starting an affiliate marketing program.

Assert Yourself. To make money with affiliate partnerships you have to leverage the existing relationships you have with your followers in a very direct way. Present them with a relevant and useful solution to a problem they are having and get them to click through to your affiliate partner’s site. To do this, you need to have a very descriptive ‘call to action’ linked in your blog posts that gets people to want to click on it. Passively including a link embedded in text is not going to cut it. A clear cut, in your face, “CLICK HERE TO SOLVE YOUR SPECIFIC PROBLEM” is the way to effectively communicate and get a good click through rate.

Be Specific. Each blog post you create that is intended to sell an affiliate product must be targeted and specific for one single aspect related to the affiliate offer. Similar to the first point, you must be targeting your blogs for the affiliate product to a specific audience and addressing a specific issue those individuals are facing. Pick one pain point and communicate how the affiliate offer can solve it and write a blog about it. Do this for each product or service you are promoting for an affiliate partner.

Cross-link. The best way to optimize your reach for an affiliate offer it to write multiple blog posts that are directly related to the affiliate offer and make sure that they are linked together. Cross-linking as this is called is highly favorable for SEO and will help boost the blogs you write and get them found more easily. It is also a way to lead your readers through multiple pages quickly and easily so they can continue to find content and offers that are related together.

Distribute. Promote the heck out of the blog posts on every platform you can think of. Just as you would with an offer of your own, getting the word out there about an affiliate offer you are promoting will increase your clicks, the parent’s sales and in turn, your commission! Use social media, email lists, forums, blogging communities and anything you can think of to reach people that could be interested in the product or service offered. Get the articles in front of as many eye balls as possible.

Empathize, Educate, Empower. We’re over achieving a little bit with this one, but the 3 E’s of building trust online are essential(that’s 4 E’s if you’re counting). When they click on the link in your blog post, don’t take them directly to the affiliate sales page. Instead, take them over to a review page or tutorial page and address the issue that the affiliate offer can help provide a solution too. Incorporate the 3 E’s on this page to increase trust and get people to click through with a bout of confidence from you in the product they are about to see. Click here for more info on how to make a good landing page that will engage people and make them want to take action.

Focus. It may seem like the more affiliate partners you have, the more money you can make. While this is true to a point, having too many affiliate partnerships can be detrimental. To start, concentrate on just 1 or 2 offers to start. You’ve built your reputation in your niche and you don’t want to flood it will too many offers that can tarnish your reputation as an online authority.

While affiliate marketing is a great way to leverage your existing follower base, keep in mind, people are most successful making money online when they use multiple income centers.

Your Turn:

What other strategies have you found successful in affiliate marketing in 2014? How much does affiliate marketing play into your overall online marketing strategy?



  1. Hi Ivan,
    Affiliate marketing is about providing a solution to the readers for their problem and make some profit in doing so. You are absolutely apt in all of these points in carrying out affiliate marketing campaign.
    It is essential to write multiple posts for the affiliate offer you are promoting. All the posts should extensively speak about the positive features and the complexities involved with the product. This way you will come out as a positive reviewer and readers will trust you more.
    One more thing which is essential in getting a successful affiliate marketing campaign up and running is that the product you are promoting should have a credibility. You should avoid promoting just any product without knowing its insides.
    Thanks for sharing these great tips with us.
    Vineet Saxena

    • Agreed Vineet, promoting a good credible affiliate product is essential to long term success along with building your own credibility and trust with your followers.

  2. Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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