6 Ways To Create Blog Content When Your Mind Has A Brain Freeze
6 Ways To Create Blog Content When Your Mind Has A Brain Freeze

6 Ways To Create Blog Content When Your Mind Has A Brain Freeze

6 Ways To Create Content For Your Blog ~

The key to creating a success blog online is to write really good, original and consistent content that is entertaining or provides helpful information for people to read. In order to do this, some people take to the blog everyday and write a blog post every day.

Some do it because they have a lot to talk about and others do it for SEO purposes, it is widely believed that that more content you produce online, the more chances it will get picked up and ranked on search engines. (I will cover getting your blog post ranked on the first page of Google in a follow up article coming up in the next few days.)

So unless you have a ton of information to provide to your readers or you are well connected to a gossip corner, for the majority of us, it is sometimes quite difficult to come up with good, quality content on a consistent basis.

So what can you do when you wake up with writers block ?

Or have a brain cramp with no ideas but you know you need to put out content for people to read ?

Here are 6 great ways to generate ideas for your blog content. (By the way, it is not necessary to blog every day, just be consistent and let your readers know when you are putting out new content on a regular basis.)

1. Forums

A good way to find ideas to stimulate your writing is to visit online forums in your niche or industry. Many people go onto forums to read postings that might help answer their questions or problems.

Many people will also post their questions on a thread hoping to get people to respond and help them out. Here is where you can really understand your target audience and what they’re clamouring for.

Finding out people’s concerns will give you access to a bunch of topics to write about along with an opportunity to provide real solutions to people’s problems. This not only builds content, but it also provides you and your blog credibility and authority which is imperative to succeeding online.

Forums can also put you in direct contact with your potential customers, by reading, learning and coming up with content and information that people are looking for, when you write solutions on your blog, you can create bread crumb trail back to your site and generate a ton of relevant traffic.

When visiting forums, pour over every thread, and try to pick out common patterns; things people like, things they don’t, and things they want people to help them with, you will find a wealth of ideas to write about and position yourself as the perhaps the expert in your niche.

2. Surveys

Online surveys are a great way to come up with ideas and topics for content to write about. It can also increase customer and subscriber interaction, and help you learn directly which roads your audience would like you to go down.

A survey provides you with a chance to ask questions and have your members give you ideas on what they’re are looking to read.

If you have an email list, you can email the survey to your members and get them to answer your questions or cab easily post your survey on a forum that you’ve been doing some research on.

An easy way to setup an online survey is to use SocialMonkey.com, they are free to use, up to I think 10 questions. Of if you are using the Get Response autoresponder, they have a survey template that you can easily setup and integrate with your email list.

3. Google Alerts

The trick to creating content in any field is to know what your competitors or fellow bloggers are writing about.

By using Google Alerts, http://www.google.com/alerts, you can receive instant notifications of any specific subset of topics you wish, whenever they come up on Google.

That way, you can stay up to date on everything happening in your niche and areas of interest.

Google alerts with email you the most current and trending information that is circulating on the internet, having access to this information should open your mind to more interesting content to write about for your audience.

4. Expanding Old Material

Every blog entry you write can usually be expanded upon. The nature of the internet and the attention span of most internet users usually means most blog entries aren’t going to be that long (though there are exceptions) which also means a lot of blog content doesn’t go into tons of detail.

Take a look at your old posts and articles. Try to find any segments or forgotten corners of your content that you feel you could expand upon. If you’ve mentioned something briefly in an old article, maybe you could expand and work on that idea until it’s a full article.

There are always new news and new discoveries so updating your old material with new information is always a good way to create content and stay current.

5. Podcasting

Podcasting might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. All you need is a microphone and a program like Spreaker.com. A podcast is a cheap way to give your audience a more personal connection to you.

Plus sometimes it is a lot easier to say things than to write or type things. If you have any words of wisdom, news, or things to say, record them and post them on your blog.

Interviews are particularly useful because they give insight from a different perspective than your own.

All you need are a few questions and an interviewee, try and choose expert guests from your industry this will also give you credibility and authority for being associated with them.

Another great benefit of interviewing people is that in most cases, the interviewee will share that interview session with their members and audience which in turn can bring you additional traffic to your site.

Once you have archived a few podcasts or audio files, you can start broadcasting them on sites like iTunes and Sound Cloud which has a ton of listeners, allowing a much broader reach to people outside of search engines and social media to also bring in traffic to your site.

6. Guest Posting

Now a good way to create content for your blog when you can’t think of anything to write about is to have other people write content for you in the form of guest posting. Having other people post articles on your blog is another great way to diversify the view points that other people have in your industry.

Many people will offer their writing services to share their view points and to also to get backlinks back to their sites for search engine optimization purposes. The trade off can be positive for both you and writer if he or she has good content to offer.

By allowing guest posting on your blog, means you could be writing less and spend more time doing other things.

The only thing to be wary of when letting other people write content for you is to make sure that the content is original and that the article has not been published anywhere else on the Internet.

Duplicate content is a big no no when it comes to ranking on Google and if your site gets tagged with duplicate content, Google will slap your site and de-index from their search engine and all your hard work to get organic search engine traffic can go down the drain.

According to Google duplicate content is:

“Generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.”

So make sure that the copy you get from guest writers are indeed original articles. You can try using a site like copyscape.com to check your guest poster’s articles for repeat content.

All you have to do is enter the article into Copyscape, and it will search the internet for other instances of the same sentences and phrases. If it’s original, you’re golden.

So here are 6 tips to help you out when on occasion you get writers block and if you want some techniques to create a ton of content fast, you can Download my ebook ‘How To Create A Crap-Load Of Content Fast.’

A few years ago I did some research and found a bunch of great techniques that allowed me to create a lot of good content in a very short period of time. The best part is that the techniques I uncovered costs absolutely nothing.

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