3 Steps to Building Trust to Increase Sales

3 Steps to Building Trust to Increase Sales

Trust can take an extended time to build and only seconds to break.

Once trust is built, it can be one of the most powerful sales tools in your toolbox.

Whether it be building a new relationship with a love interest or a marketing to a new buyer or business client, we all have to work on building trust.

The good news is, even If you haven’t been lucky in love in there’s an almost fail proof way to gain trust in business or marketing setting.

When you get someone to trust you they are relying on your integrity, strength, and abilities. In this case, the “someone” is your targeted niche audience. Getting people to follow and trust you is a crucial step to turn your blog into a money making business.

Trust is based almost entirely on their confidence in you. Build their confidence in you and not only will they trust you, but they will follow you as a point of authority too.


So here are the three E’s we use to build people’s confidence in you, gain their trust in you and ultimately follow you.

Empathize: Telling your audience you know exactly their frustration and pain points. This isn’t exactly being a shoulder to cry on when they’re feeling down, but its close. Relating to your audience in a meaningful way is the idea. Take the time to really sit down and think about what drives your audience

Then describe to them how it feels. Make them very aware that you really understand their position.

The easiest way to become an expert in the eyes of an individual is to describe exactly how he or she is feeling towards that pain point.

Take for example a weight loss regimen.

If the seller of a weight loss program describes the internal thoughts such as guilt, depression, and loneliness, that anyone struggling with weight loss themselves would be experiencing, the  audience knows they can commiserate with speaker and the company.

Highlight and pinpoint the pain and frustration the way THEY feel you get their attention and a good percentage of their trust.

Educate: This is step 2 in the road to trust. This is the most matter of fact step but can also be the most tedious. You need to tell them why their pain and frustration is happening and extend your authority on the subject. This is where your thought leadership should shine through. Give information to your audience to overcome pain points and move on in a positive way doing things they have control of.

Back to the example of the weight loss program. At this step you would take the scientific facts of how the body retains fat and how to combat the production of fat cells and ultimately give them the information they need on how to loss the unwanted weight they have.

By establishing the first step of empathy you hopefully build your credibility enough to eliminate the possibility of sounding like you’re preaching or being condescending to the audience and instead can use a more didactic, helpful approach.

Empower: This is the step where you encourage and inspire your reader into taking an actionable step. This is where you take your audience from A to B. Having already profiled your audience, you understand that they are overwhelmed, miserable, frustration, the strength behind. You must be able to give them strategies, tips and techniques that allows them to see themselves succeeding and overcoming the struggles they are having.

They need a push to go from where they are now to where they want to be.

In this step in our example is where you would give your audience an extra oomph to tackle the mental barriers of weight loss and see themselves as the healthy person they’ve always wanted to be. Think Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and any other personal trainer that yells to motivate with purpose.

Next week we’ll be getting cover how to stop selling and start educating to increase your blogging profits.

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