Internet Marketing Success ~ 3 Components

Internet Marketing Success ~ 3 Components

Internet Marketing Success ~

Succeeding online takes a combination of elements. Three key elements are what I call the Three Pillars. The Three Pillars are:

1. Traffic
2. Monetization
3. Audience

These may not be new theories and they may even seem obvious. In reality, many people do not know that they have to use all three of them to truly be successful in online marketing.

There are a lot of people who make money online through the first two pillars. It is possible for you to make good money online by generating traffic and monetizing it. If you do not have the third pillar, the audience, it will be difficult to sustain your momentum over time. Traffic is difficult to maintain and it is highly inconsistent. Offers you promote now that bring you traffic can lose popularity. New competitors arise. All of these things combined will drop your conversion rate.

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Pillar 1: Traffic

Everyone knows that you need tons of relevant traffic to your website to be successful in online marketing. Again, this may seem obvious because it is well known that traffic equals to customers. The trouble most people run in to is acquiring relevant traffic. Relevant traffic is visitors who like your site and will buy your offers and products. Diversity is the secret to gaining relevant traffic and increasing conversions.

Mastering diversity means that you must learn how to use different traffic-generating methods effectively. The different traffic strategies you can use include search engine optimization, social networks, and podcasts; paid advertising, article marketing and press releases. To really diversify your traffic, you should use three strategies. Five is even better. It is important to use a combination of methods so you can reach people in different areas of the Internet. People search the web for good content via search engines. Other people search via YouTube. Then, there are people who love to hang out on Facebook. You need to get in front of as many of them as possible. Before you start, do your homework. You must know how to use each strategy correctly so that you do not end up wasting your resources.

Pillar 2: Monetization

If you get traffic to your site, you still will not be able to generate an income from it if you do not know how to monetize it. The way that you monetize your site depends on the kind of site that you have. If you have a blog, you can create an Adsense account. Google will populate ads around your popular posts. If your blog is showing up on the first page of Google, you can sell banner ad space. If you would rather not clutter up your blog with ads, you can include relevant affiliate links in your blog posts. The best way to monetize your site and traffic is to implement each of these methods into your blog. This will allow you to generate money from multiple income streams.

My most favorite method of monetization is creating informative eBooks and including plenty of affiliate links within the book. I will either sell the book really cheap, or just give it away for free. When I give it away for free, I am actually giving it away in exchange for email addresses. This allows you to build an email list, which is imperative to your success in Internet marketing. I have only listed a few ways to monetize. The goal for you is to make as much money as possible from your traffic and still provide them with a good experience and keep them returning.

Pillar 3: Creating A Large Audience

Once you have traffic and you everything monetized, the third thing you have to do to keep it going is to create a large audience. You need a large audience so that you can communicate with them whenever you want. You can send offers to your email list anytime you want and get people buying through your links immediately. Imagine you have an email list of over one million subscribers. If you had one offer to promote to that list that was worth $100, if only a thousand of them bought the offer, you would make $100,000 dollars instantly. You must see how powerful an audience is with that example.

Quality Content

Now, you can accomplish all three pillars, but to continue making lots of money online you have to produce quality content. Content is the fabric that holds all of the pillars in place. Visualize a triangle. Each corner of the triangle represents one of the pillars, (audience, monetization and traffic). In the center of the triangle is content. Your content is the fuel that drives your online success. Content attracts the traffic. Content keeps the traffic on your site. Content converts your traffic into your buyers. It will establish you as an authority and earn you trust from your visitors. Good content offers solutions to people’s problems, it advises them. Think about your audience and focus on what they need. Produce content that satisfies those needs and implement the three pillars. You will achieve success and your profits will be consistent and get even bigger over time!

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