Blogging Tips ~ 25 Expert Tips To Blogging Success ~

Blogging Tips ~ 25 Expert Tips To Blogging Success ~


Blogging Tips

Starting A Blog

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Dear Aspiring Blogger,

Are you wondering whether you should call it quits with your blog?

Blogging can be exhausting — especially when you’re not seeing any results.  It’s pretty hard to stay motivated when your traffic has flat-lined and your income is nonexistent.

And there’s an overwhelming amount of blogging tips out there about what you “should” be doing – guest posting, tweeting, establishing yourself in the latest social media platform, doing keyword research, optimizing your content for search engines, running PPC campaigns, creating backlinks, posting in forums, and 106 other things.

Who could do all that without feeling completely overwhelmed?

Not to mention the total frustration of putting forth all this effort — and still seeing zilch in the way of income or traffic increases.

So there you are.  Six months or a year into your big blogging adventure, and you’re worn out, overwhelmed, and totally frustrated.

Learn How To Restart Your Stalled Blog With Expert Advice From Ivan Ho.

Start Your Own Blog

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Who could blame you for feeling like you might as well quit?

Lots of bloggers do quit.

Others go looking for a magic pill.  They try one more “sure-fire” traffic-generation technique, or they sign up for a get-rich-quick blogging course.

Maybe that’s even how you got to this site  — looking for something else to try.

As it happens, I do have something you can try.  But it’s not a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all solution.

I can teach you how to focus your efforts on strategic activities that will bring better, faster results.

No more diluting your efforts with 16 different time-consuming SEO and social media activities.  You’ll learn how to develop an effective strategy and how to implement it.

That’s how you make money from a blog.

Download Your Free Copy And Receive The 30-Day Mini-Course For FREE.

Make Money Blogging

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How To Turn Your Blog Into A Real
Money Making Business

Successful bloggers know that a blog is not synonymous with a business.  Even blogs with lots of traffic are not necessarily profitable.  Often, successful bloggers have learned this the hard way.

Every business MUST have a market for its product.  Some entrepreneurs get very lucky — they create a product and find that, fortunately, someone wants to buy it.

But the best way to ensure success is to start with your customer and then find a product that your customer will pay for.

The same rule holds true for blogging.  You must know who your readers are and what they want.  And then you have to figure out how to supply them.

To do this, you need a business strategy.

And it has to be a strategy that’s focused on your audience.

Most bloggers have a “strategy” that sounds a bit like this:  “I’m going to write about X, so that I get lots of traffic and make lots of money.”

The problem with this strategy is that it overlooks the audience entirely.

To get lots of traffic, you must write useful content that people want to read.  In order to turn that traffic into money, you need to provide something that your readers want and will pay for.

So you need a business strategy that helps you make good decisions about your blog.  What to write about, where to focus your attention, and what tools to use — all these should be guided by your strategy.

And your strategy should be guided by your audience.


Avoid Time Wasting Techniques and Focus On The Stuff That Matters

My name is Ivan Ho, and I’ve been an internet marketer for six years.

Like you, I started out full of enthusiasm about blogging.  So I wrote.  And I wrote.  And I wrote.

And nothing much happened.  I got some traffic, I made a little money — but it took me two and a half years of experimentation to really figure out how to make money online.

It was a long and frustrating process.  I learned a lot … but I could have used some good advice.

As I became more successful, I started hearing from new internet marketers who were experiencing the same frustrations that I had.  And I wanted to do something to help them out.

So I started putting together some programs that would help bloggers develop and implement business strategies that pay off faster.  I wanted to cut through all the chaos and conflicting advice and help bloggers focus on the stuff that matters.

So that’s what I do now.  I help people like you build their online businesses from the inside out.

You can develop an effective strategy that’s right for your business.  I can show you how to do it, and I can help you choose tools and tactics that make sense for you.

Alex Pothagos

Alex Pathogos

I must tell you, this is really good stuff. A couple of years ago, hardly anyone knew who Ivan Ho was, now he has come out of the shadows and in a very short 2 years his teachings has helped so many people increase their online profits by preaching educational marketing. Ivan always insists on under promising and over delivering which is why many of the things you will learn from him would cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars but you get a lot of it here for free. I myself have experienced a huge increase in my traffic and sales, Ivan truly is an ambassador of Internet Marketing.


Download Your FREE E-Book and
Mini-Course Today


I’ve compiled the most important lessons I’ve learned into my newly revised e-book, 25 Expert Tips to Blogging Success.  Just like the title says, you’ll get my very best suggestions for laying a solid foundation for a profitable blogging business.

You’ll get high-level strategic advice about:

  • How to choose a niche you can dominate
  • How to develop a targeted message that your audience will actually pay attention to
  • How to conduct market research, so you can align your message and products with your audience’s needs and desires
  • How to establish yourself as an authority, so your audience trusts you and your products
  • How to partner with others in your niche and expand your audience, your reach, and your authority
  • How go beyond AdSense and monetize your blog by developing your own product
  • How to scale up your business for bigger returns on your time and energy

You’ll get tactical tips on:

  • How to use press releases to drive traffic and increase your exposure
  • How to build an email list, and what to do with it once you have it
  • How to develop and test a landing page that earns money
  • How to boost your sales with a well-designed thank-you page

You’ll get concrete suggestions about the best software and services to use for your blog:

  • Where to host your blog for reliable, affordable service
  • How to choose a quality autoresponder, so you stay in touch with your audience
  • Why WordPress is your best bet for a blogging platform — and which plug-ins will make your life easier

And you’ll get expert advice that cuts through a whole pile of misinformation about:

  • How much backlinking you really need to do
  • Whether you need to worry about keyword density
  • What SEO techniques are worth your time — and which ones you should ignore

I’m proud of this e-book, and it’s gotten a really good response from everyone who’s downloaded it.

But the fact is, the internet is awash with free e-books.  You probably have a couple sitting on your hard drive right now, am I right?

All the e-books in the world won’t help if you’re feeling too stressed and overwhelmed to process another big pile of information.

That’s why this e-book comes with my absolutely free 30-Day Fast Implementation Mini-Course.

You can download the e-book right away and read it now or later.  I’ll drop you a short email every few days, give you some suggestions about what to implement, and provide some resources for further investigation.

Creating a successful, profitable blog is a daunting task — which is why I want to provide some extra support for you.  My mini-course works as a supplement to the e-book, or you can use it as a guide for working through the material covered in the book.

Either way, you’ll get repeated exposure to the concepts that are central to your blogging success.  These are the ideas you must internalize in order to run a profitable business.  We’ll explore them together, over the course of a month, and when we’re done you’ll have the clarity and confidence you need to make your blog a success.

Rachel Jordan

Rachel Jordan

Learning online tactics and strategies is one thing, but learning the true essence on how to make money online through how and why people buy is a craft that Ivan has truly perfected. The game is not entirely about your rankings on search engines or whether you are on Facebook or have a video, it’s the message that you are delivering and how you formulate an educational process to allow people to understand and trust that message. Ivan’s blogging strategies and setup is a win, win formula that allows you to make money by educating and helping others.



So, if your blog has driven you to the edge of distraction, don’t hesitate.

How To Make Money From Blogging

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You’ll get immediate access to the e-book, which means you can start cutting through distractions, eliminating unprofitable activities, and honing your business strategy right away.

You’ll be astounded at how invigorated you’ll feel once you’ve developed some clarity about your market, your strategy, and your tactics.

And once you have the pieces in place, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your blog and business develop.

Just enter your email address below for instant access to the e-book.  As soon as you sign up, I’ll send you instructions for downloading 25 Expert Tips to Blogging Success.

And in a couple days, you’ll get your first installment of the 30-Day Fast Implementation Mini-Course.

Both the book and the course are absolutely FREE — just enter your email and you’ll be off and running!

Blogging Tips

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If for any reason you decide that mini-course isn’t for you, you can unsubscribe at any time.  And, of course, I’ll never sell, share, or rent your email address.

Your success is important to me, so I’m always willing to answer your questions.  In fact, you can use the comments section below to ask me anything you want about building and marketing an online business.  (And, of course, I’d love to hear your questions and comments about the e-book and mini-course!)  I want this page to be a valuable resource – so hit me with your toughest questions, and I’ll give you a solid answer based on years of online marketing experience. 

To your blogging success!


Ivan Ho

Ivan Ho


P.S. — Really, you’ve got nothing to lose.  Download your FREE e-book today, and you’ll get the free mini-course as well.

Both are filled practical advice and blogging tips with clear suggestions for developing a successful blog — and you’ll love how it feels to be confident in the success of your blog.

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