10 Essential Strategies For Blogging Success

10 Essential Strategies For Blogging Success

10 Essentials For Blogging Success ~

If you are thinking about blogging, I am going to share ten strategies with you to help you rank higher and get more traffic. These are ten essential elements you should have supporting your blog for results:

1. Link Authorship to Google+ Profile
2. Bluehost
3. Protect Your Blog
4. Collect Emails
5. Brand Yourself With Banners and Images
6. Install Tools That Connect With Social Platforms
7. Submit To RSS Feed Directories
8. No Follow Your Privacy Page
9. Mask Affiliate Links
10. Optimize Your Blog

I recommend using WordPress for your blog, and most of what I will be focusing on will be in reference to WordPress.

Free WordPress Setup

One: Link To Google Plus With Authorship Link

First, make sure you connect your blog with a Google+ profile using the authorship link. Google wants everyone and everything to be connected to Google+, so do what they desire. If your blog is on page two or three, connect your blog to your Google+ account through the authorship link and you will see a jump in rankings. If you would like to learn how to do this, I will provide a link to a blog post that I wrote that show you how to set up your authorship link.

Two: Use Bluehost

Use Bluehost for your hosting for three reasons; unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and 24-hour support. You want unlimited bandwidth because as your website grows, so will your traffic. You don’ t want your site to crash when thousands of people are trying to visit your site. Having access to unlimited storage means you can have huge amounts of content on your site. You need this if you are planning to create lots of articles, podcasts, and videos. Unpredictable things will happen as your site grows. Your website can crash or it may get hacked. You need to be able to have it restored as soon as possible. This is why Bluehost’s 24-hour customer support is so important. I will leave a link below so that you can get an in depth analysis of Bluehost’s hosting abilities.

Three: Blog Protection

Make sure your blog is protected. You don’t want someone hacking your blog and screwing everything up. Bluehost’s support will help you, but you need to build strong protection around your site. I use WordPress so I have lots of plugins to keep hackers out. Askimet keeps your blog from being spammed with comments. GD Press Tools helps with maintenance and security. Safety Press, the main plugin that has the most safety features includes database backup and Captcha. If you are working with WordPress, make sure you have those three plugins installed. Also, use a strong password with a combination of lowercase and capital letters with numbers and symbols too.

Four: Collect Email Addresses

The fourth thing that you should have on your blog is a place for people to opt in and give you their email addresses. You have to collect emails to make a lot of money online. Designate places where people can sign up for your weekly or monthly newsletter, or give away something for free. You should be collecting every email of every person who visits your blog. Having someone’s email allows you to stay in touch with them and present them with offers whenever you want. If you have WordPress, make sure you have an opt in box in the widget section so that it shows up on every page and post of your blog. You have to collect emails, period.

Five: Brand Yourself

Branding creates authority. Your blog should have a banner with either your name or your business name. You need to include a headshot of yourself. You also need to have an About Page that describes who you are or what your business is about. Your image and the look of your blog are your voice. People don’t like to follow anything unless there is face behind it these days. Too many faceless corporations and marketers have tricked people into spending money online, so people are more cautious now. Having your brand and face on your blog creates authority and trust. These are essential in order to get people to pull out their credit cards when you are trying to sell something. Another good measure is to include a picture in every post. Pictures attract attention and get people to stay on your blog for longer periods of time.

Six: Integrate With Social Media And Social Bookmarks

You must support your blog with social media. Link your blog to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Tumblr and as many as possible. A great tool to help you with this is Onlywire. Onlywire is a social bookmarking tool that integrates with WordPress so every post you put on your blog can be posted automatically onto 30-40 different social media sites. There is a fee for Onlywire, but it is well worth it if you are looking for traffic. You should make it easy for people to like and share your blog, so make sure you add social buttons so people can easily share it with others. Word of mouth is the fastest and easiest way to get traffic. If you are using WordPress, install a plugin called Get Social. It is a floating bar that will appear on every page.

Seven: Submit To RSS Directories

Just like social media platforms, RSS directories are another place for your blog to get exposure and generate traffic. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication and each time you create a new blog post, it gets picked up by the directories that you submit your feed to. Now I know there are thousands of feed directories. You don’t need all of them. Submit to the top 20-30 directories. Search Google for the best RSS directories and submit to the top 20-30.

Eight: Privacy Policy-No Follow, No Index

When setting up a blog, most people find a generic copy of a privacy policy online and put it on their website. Now that most privacy policies are generic, it can trigger duplicate content on your site. Unless you or your lawyer wrote your privacy policy, add a No Follow No Index to your privacy policy page. Search engines won’t crawl and index it and you won’t get penalized for duplicate content. You should also do a 301-redirect from your URL without www., to your URL with www. Search engines may look at them as two different sites and penalize you for duplicate content. Last, make sure you add a link to your 404 page that links people back to your site. This will keep people on your blog.

Nine: Mask Your Affiliate Links

Disguise your affiliate links so that they do not appear to be affiliate links to search engines. Google does not like blogs with lots of affiliate links on them. You can register a new domain for each affiliate offer and redirect the affiliate link to that new domain. However, this will get costly. Another way is to go to Bitly.com or Tinyurl.com and change your affiliate links to shorter links. In WordPress, you can install a plugin called Pretty Link Like where you change affiliate links to an extension of your blog URL by adding a sub URL to the link. It would look something like this, www.yoururl/affiliate-offer-1. Either way, the main thing is to make sure Google does not pick up on the fact that you are promoting an affiliate offer.

Ten: Optimize Your Blog

This might be obvious to some, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t optimize their blogs. Make sure the keyword phrase that you want to rank for on search engines is present in your title tags, description and meta tags. Make sure to have that keyword phrase in your Header or H1 and bold it. Again, if you’re using WordPress, you should definitely install the Yoast SEO plugin. It helps you optimize your blog and all of your posts. If you already have the plugin, you are on the right path. For those who do not have it, this is something you need to do right away.

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