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PART 2: Optimized Facebook Advertising for REAL Sales Conversions

Facebook Advertising

In follow-up to last week’s post on initiating a highly targeted and optimized Facebook advertising campaign for sales conversions, we are going to take the information we received from the test campaign and scale up to a larger audience to get more sales conversions and make you more money online. Analyzing your test ad and audience After submitting your ad there will be a small amount of time when your ad won’t run until Facebook approves it. This is usually a matter of hours. Once Read more [...] Read More »

PART 1: Optimized Facebook Advertising for REAL Sales Conversions

facebook advertising

With over a billion users in over 70 countries, the collective buying power of Facebook users is a dream come true for online marketers. With over 50,000,000 Facebook pages and ads bombarding each of us on a daily basis, it can be difficult to break away from the noise, reach your target audience and harness the power of Facebook to work in your favor. To get started, there are several factors to use to ensure you are making profitable advertising campaigns and we will walk through the most Read more [...] Read More »

Creating a Review Page to Boost your Affiliate Marketing


Last week we went through the ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing and discussed a crucial topic of creating a review page to encourage visitors of the page to buy a product. To be successful in affiliate marketing, I cannot stress enough how crucial this review page can be. Driving traffic to an affiliate product and then presenting them with a pushy sales page or a poorly created splash page can ruin the sale and turn people off. The idea behind a review page is to educate your audience and endorse Read more [...] Read More »

The ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing in 2014

Affiliate Marketing in 2014

OK, ok, so this is actually the A through F list of being successful in affiliate marketing in this new era of online marketing but it is still a relatively short and easy list to follow so everyone can be successful at making money online. Affiliate marketing is all about building mutually beneficial relationships to sell products or services online. It is a simple three step process that works in the favor of all parties involved. You promote a relevant product or service from a partner Read more [...] Read More »

The Formula you Need to Make Profitable Advertising Campaigns

Profitable Advertising Campaigns

In case you hadn't heard, classifieds are on the decline and Online Advertising is in. Depending on the market and your product, classified ads have the potential to work really. However, for the majority of markets and products, it's time to utilize online advertising to drive traffic to your blog, to your sales pages and ultimately make money. With such easy access to masses and masses of people across the globe with just the touch of a button, online advertising that has become essential Read more [...] Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes