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Why you Need to Stop Selling and Start Educating NOW!


The first step in selling your products or services online is to stop selling them. Wait. What? You read it right. Put your sales pitches on hold, settle your selling techniques in your back pocket and back burner the tactics you know about to close the deal. In order to get people to trust and follow you, you need to ... Read More »

3 Steps to Building Trust to Increase Sales


Trust can take an extended time to build and only seconds to break. Once trust is built, it can be one of the most powerful sales tools in your toolbox. Whether it be building a new relationship with a love interest or a marketing to a new buyer or business client, we all have to work on building trust. The good ... Read More »

Overcoming the Brain Driven Barriers of Online Buyers

What's In Your Way Roadblock Barricade SIgn

Sometimes it’s a minor speed bump and other times it’s a set of spike strips derailing your potential consumer from purchasing your product. Before you even know it, the brain barriers that consumers have when buying online have kicked in and they have their (virtual) wallet put away and are on to the next site. How many times have you ... Read More »



In follow-up to our post last week of how audience is the cornerstone to online marketing, we need to move on to step 2 of how to actually find and target your niche. We’re going to break this down into two parts: A quantitative and a qualitative part. Understanding the types of conversations that are already being had regarding your ... Read More »

Audience = the Corners of the Online Marketing Puzzle

Internet Marketing

For anyone that’s actually sat down to do a puzzle (yes, a REAL life cardboard cutout puzzle), you know what the title of this article means. The corners are literally the cornerstone(get it?) of the puzzle and crucial to building the whole thing to completion. Just with online marketing you need a foundation, a basis to start with and something ... Read More »