How To Generate An Extra $10,000 A Month With Your Blog


After a 2 day session, Ivan and his team uncovered 8 main areas that were holding bloggers back from taking their blogs to the next income level. By correcting these 8 main areas and implementing some of the simple strategies provided by Ivan and his team, 80% of these struggling bloggers started to instantly see revenue results from a few hundred dollars a month to over $2000, $5000 and some even over $10,000 a month.
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The Sales Funnel Money Making Makeover


So many of us start our online presence, set up a blog, get in a groove and then wait for the money to come in. If you’re lucky, this will work for a while. In most cases, you’ll not see a pickup in sales or you’ll see a stark drop off after a very quick initial spike. So if you become stagnant or if you fail to ever really launch your blog into a money making tool in the first place, you have to rethink your sales process. As we’ve mentioned, you have to start with your audience. You Read more [...] Read More »

Convert Traffic into Cash with Just 1 Little Change


Last week we covered how people's instincts may be causing them to fail at making money online with blogs. Now, we're going to go over another possible cause that you're struggling to mentise your blog. The inability to convert traffic into buyers. We've all opened the door to a door to door salesman, saw the uniform, hears the pitch and preceded to polutkey decline whatever it is that they were selling. In some cases, you may have even bought what they were selling(ahemm, Girl Scout's we're Read more [...] Read More »

Are Your Instincts Driving Away Your Business?


You’ve done all the right steps. You’ve made a blog, you update it frequently, established your presence and you’ve offered your product(s) for sale online and yet your wallet remains empty. Where did you go wrong? You, like many other people who are in the online space trying to monetize a blog, have most likely failed in one key fundamental area. Your audience. While there are a few places you could have run askew in your marketing plan, we suggest starting with audience because Read more [...] Read More »

How to Use the WOW Factor to Gain Authority


In such a crowded online space I frequently get asked how someone can stand apart, be noticed and in turn increase their online branding and authority with their followers. There are 3 magic words everyone looking to make money online blogging needs to know to stand out from the crowded online space. The WOW factor. Stopping people in their tracks and giving them a reason to respect you. When one WOW is nice, many WOWs are awesome. The more you can get your audience to have the WOW factor Read more [...] Read More »

PART 2: Optimized Facebook Advertising for REAL Sales Conversions

Facebook Advertising

In follow-up to last week’s post on initiating a highly targeted and optimized Facebook advertising campaign for sales conversions, we are going to take the information we received from the test campaign and scale up to a larger audience to get more sales conversions and make you more money online. Analyzing your test ad and audience After submitting your ad there will be a small amount of time when your ad won’t run until Facebook approves it. This is usually a matter of hours. Once Read more [...] Read More »

PART 1: Optimized Facebook Advertising for REAL Sales Conversions

facebook advertising

With over a billion users in over 70 countries, the collective buying power of Facebook users is a dream come true for online marketers. With over 50,000,000 Facebook pages and ads bombarding each of us on a daily basis, it can be difficult to break away from the noise, reach your target audience and harness the power of Facebook to work in your favor. To get started, there are several factors to use to ensure you are making profitable advertising campaigns and we will walk through the most Read more [...] Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes